“The Process”

Do you ever just dread “the process”? We live in a results oriented culture…We want results and we want them now! Don’t we? …I know I do!

And so what exactly is “the process”?

“The process” I am talking about can be defined as “the systematic series of actions, steps, or stages directed to some end result.”

“The process” can have varying time frames…

“The process” can be short but more likely too long in our eyes…

“The process” can be something we choose or not choose…

“The process” can make us feel weary and tired and even discouraged…

“The process” can make us doubt ourselves…and even God.

Life is full of “the process” and it certainly can be challenging!

Whether we want a project finished like remodeling our home…whether we want a particular season in our life to end like changing diapers! …whether we want just a daily task completed like cleaning our house with 2 active little boys! (Yes…that would be me!)…

We must go through “the process.”

And then there are those instances in life…where ‘the process” is more than just challenging…

“The process” is flat out hard and heartbreaking…like wanting a difficult circumstance in our life to change or improve ie. our finances, health, or relationships…

And yet again…we must go through “the process.”

Are you currently facing “the process” somewhere in your life?

Whether we have control over “the process” or not…we are usually looking, waiting, praying, believing or working toward a positive end result.

We may not celebrate “the process”…we may not embrace “the process”…we may not enjoy “the process”…but that’s not always a negative thing.

Whether we like it or not…“the process” is clearly in the backdrop of many end results.

We tend to look forward to the end…the final result…the ultimate goal…the finish line…

And not so much “the process” that we must go through to reach that final outcome…whatever it may be.

And so with our focus on the end…oftentimes…we tend to miss the value in “the process.”

It is in “the process” that we find “the purpose” ….God’s purpose.

We serve the God of “the process” the one who created and uses “the process” not only for our purpose of an end result…or a completed goal…but for His purpose…and His glory!

God knows the value of “the process” …so much so that the Bible depicts “the process” in the lives of many individuals demonstrating that our God is the God of “the process” and “the process” has a purpose.

Abraham, Joseph, and David are just a few who went through “the process.”

Abraham went through “the process” when he was promised by God that he would be the father of many nations but he and his wife Sarah were so old that having children seemed impossible. “The process” took 25 years from the moment God made this promise to Abraham to the moment he actually had a son named Isaac. (Abraham’s Story Genesis 12:1-25:18)

It was in “the process” that God grew and deepened Abraham’s faith.

Is God growing and deepening your faith in Him in “the process” you are facing?

Joseph went through “the process” that began when he had a dream at a young age that he would rule over his brothers. But before that dream came true, he was…beaten by his jealous brothers…thrown into a pit… sold into slavery…accused of rape…put in prison. “The process” took over 22 years when Joseph’s dream eventually came true! And guess what? (Joseph’s Story Genesis 37:1-50:26)

It was in “the process” that God built Joseph’s character…the character that was necessary to accomplish the greater purpose God had for Joseph…and the purpose that went way beyond Joseph and his family!

Is God building your character in “the process” you are facing?

David went through “the process” of being known as just a young shepherd boy…and not old enough or big enough physically to fight in the military.

However, David learned and developed the skill of using his sling shot to kill lions and bears to protect his sheep. And so “the process” brought him…at the very young age of approximately 15years old…face to face with the giant Philistine Goliath who he overcame and killed with just one sling…one stone…and one try! (David’s Story 1 Samuel 16:1-31:13 and 2 Samuel)

It was in “the process” that God developed this young shepherd boy’s skill and abilities to face and kill the giant Goliath and this feat was just the beginning for the greater purpose that God had for David…ultimately as a king!

Is God building your skills or abilities in “the process” you are facing?

In the lives of Abraham, Joseph, and David, God had a purpose in “the process” …whether they knew it or not!

And so it is for us! God has a purpose in “the process” we too are facing!

For us… life as a Christian is full of ‘the process” as we face the challenges and difficulties that come our way…

But ultimately “the process” of becoming more and more like Christ…perfect Christ-likeness…should be our end goal…even though it will not come until the end of time.

And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns. Philippians 1:6 NLT

God doesn’t work in spite of “the process”. He works through “the process”!

He works in us and on us and even out of us so that He can work through us!

God will use “the process” to show you what He has put in you so He can use you for His greater purpose… because you just might not know what you got!

God will use “the process” to work on you to build your faith, character, abilities, and certain qualities in your life to have greater trust in Him and make you more Christ-like…because you won’t be able to grow and be strengthened in these areas otherwise!

God will use “the process” to show you what He wants out of you so you can then move forward to accomplish His plans and purposes…because God knows what’s holding you back…even if you don’t!

What is God working in you…on you…or even out of you…in “the process” so He can work through you…to make you stronger and more Christ-like?

There is purpose in “the process” and God will use “the process” for His purpose! Just as He did in the lives of Abraham, Joseph, David and many more!

Viewing “the process” through God’s eyes will hopefully help us and encourage us that we can get through “the process”…no matter how long…no matter how difficult…no matter how painful…no matter how tired we may be.

Viewing “the process” through God’s eyes will help us see the value in “the process” as God strengthens us in areas so He can ultimately accomplish His purpose through us!

Reflection Points:

  1. Are you currently facing “the process” somewhere in your life?
  2. Are you so focused on the final result that you are missing the value in “the process”?
  3. Can you see the purpose in “the process”?
  4. What is God working in you…on you…or out of you…in “the process” to make you stronger and make you more Christ-like?

Actions Points:

  1. If you are facing “the process” somewhere in your life right now, it is important…no matter how hard it is…to remember that God loves you and cares for you and has a plan for your life. (Jeremiah 29:11)
  2. Remind yourself that Gods thoughts are higher than your thoughts and His ways are greater than your ways. (Isaiah 55:8-9) We may not always understand why we may be going through what we are going through but know that God has a purpose for taking you through “the process”.
  3. If you aren’t sure what God is working in you…on you…or out of you…pray and seek Him. Pray and ask Him to show you any areas in your life that are not pleasing to Him or any sin that may be holding you back from moving forward in accomplishing His purpose in your life. (Psalm 139:23-24)

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